Available Proteins

Expertly Curated | Certified Humane

All meats and eggs from Hidden Creek Farm come from livestock that are raised Humane Certified on Organic Certified pastures. We work hard to balance the forage of our Red Poll CattleKatahdin Sheep, Heritage Chickens and Tamalitsa™ Pigs, in order to create the nutrient-dense and healthful proteins that are an important addition to a healthy diet.

What you should know about our meats & eggs:

  • Our beef cattle and meat sheep are never grained. They are raised 100% on Organic Certified pastures.
  • Our Tamalitsa™ Pigs and heritage layer chickens are also raised on 100% Organic Certified pastures, but they also require grain to thrive.
  • When we do grain, we ONLY use Soy-Free products.

Interested in why our eggs and pigs are no longer Certified Organic?

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We look forward to sharing our bounty with you. Please contact us via email here with your questions.

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