About Us

Owner Denny Young

Owner Dendy Young

Hidden Creek Farm is an Organic and Humane Certified regenerative breeding and production farm in Delaplane, VA, just 50 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. Owners Dendy and Andrea Young believe first and foremost in the stewardship of our land and in the concept that good food and a clean environment will keep people and animals healthy, resilient, and energized, and will lower reliance on chemical interventions. Our mission is to provide our customers with local, wholesome, and healthy product and breeding stock of the highest possible quality, and to create exceptional farm experiences tailored to visitors’ specific interests and needs.

Andrea Young

Owner Andrea Young


Domonic Rubel

Intern Matt

Brian Adams


HCF Mission:

Deliver Local~Wholesome~Good products to end-consumers and breeders.

HCF Vision

Provide exceptional and meaningful Quality-of-Life experiences for our livestock, customers, Team, visitors, and family.

HCF Strategy

Use innovative and smart processes to create humane, healthy, and productive practices.

HCF Philosophy

Stewardship of these lands, and improving them for the next generation, is a responsibility we cherish and take pride in. We believe that we are in service to these lands and our broader community rather than the other way around.

HCF Practices

Nurture a regenerative and healthy environment that keeps nutrients on the farm, protects watersheds and natural spaces, creates wildlife and pollinator corridors in harmony with domesticated livestock and produce, and returns carbon back into the soil where it belongs.

HCF Passions

Build a great Team, offer high-quality products, connect people to their food and seed-stock, conservation of land and breeds, support community and farmers, share our knowledge, learn and innovate, pay-it-forward, treasure life and our fellow travelers.