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It is about RE-CONNECTING agriculture with the natural environment.


At Hidden Creek Farm we believe passionately in an holistic approach to farming in which farmers work mindfully with nature to rebuild the health and balance our ecological systems.

Unlike industrialized agriculture, we see ourselves as part of the environmental solution, not as part of the environmental problem. Regenerative farming is all about the stewardship of our soils. Healthy soils create vibrant sub-soil biomes, which nurture diverse plants, which increase nutrient densities, regulate the water cycle, and sequester carbon out of the atmosphere.

Healthy soils lead to a healthy environment, healthy livestock and a healthy you!




KEEP THE SOIL COVERED = Guard against erosion, evaporation, and deprivation

KEEP THE SOIL UNSCARRED = Nurture the biological, chemical, and physical Biome

KEEP YOUR ROOTS DEEP = Stabilize the soils, nutrients, and water cycle

INCREASE DIVERSITY = Build healthy and resilient pastures and woodlands

ADD LIVESTOCK TO THE MANAGEMENT TEAM = Fertilize with complex organic matter

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Meet Our Team:

Farming in this way takes a lot of patience, dedication, and knowledge.  Our amazing team works tirelessly and enthusiastically to support our regenerative vision and to create a first class operation we are all incredibly proud of.

Thank you for helping us build together!

Dominic Ruibal
Market Produce

HCF Mission
Deliver superb Local~Wholesome~Good products to end-consumers and breeders using Regenerative Farming methods.


HCF Vision
Provide exceptional and meaningful Quality-of-Life experiences for our livestock, customers, Team, visitors, and family.


HCF Strategy
Use innovative and smart processes to create humane, healthy,
and productive practices that support our regenerative mission and our collective environment.


HCF Philosophy
Create sustainable regenerative stewardship of our lands, improve them for the next generation, and help others learn how to regenerate.  We believe that we are in service to these lands and our broader community rather than the other way around. Give someone a fish, and they'll eat for a day; teach them how to fish and they'll know how to provide for themselves; create an environment where fish can thrive, and the system becomes sustainable, replicable, healthy, and whole.


HCF Practices
Nurture a regenerative and healthy environment that keeps nutrients and energy on the farm, protects watersheds and natural spaces, creates wildlife and pollinator corridors in harmony with domesticated livestock and produce, regulates the water cycle, creates organism and nutrient diversity, and returns carbon back into the soil where it belongs.


HCF Passions
Build a great Team, offer high-quality products, connect people to their food and seed-stock, conserve of land and heritage breeds, support community and farmers, share our knowledge, learn and innovate, regenerate our soils, pay-it-forward, treasure life and our fellow travelers.