Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin sheep are an American-bred 'hair' sheep with excellent meat quality. Since Katahdins are hair sheep, no shearing is required.


'Lamb' meat comes  from 9 month to 14 month old animals, and is mild and flavorful. 'Hogget' refers to animals between 14 months and 24 months and their meat has a more complex flavor profile than lamb. 'Mutton' refers to animals older than 2 years. Mutton has a deeper, complex flavor which prove excellent for sausage and ethnic dishes.


Katahdin sheep are prized for their ease of handling, outstanding pasture growth, excellent maternal instincts, easy lambing characteristics, and parasite resistance. Ewes live long and are exceptional mothers, often raising twins or triplets and without complication. Rams are effective protectors, yet gentle and sociable.

Katahdins make excellent 4-H animals due to their gentle nature and ease of care.


Hidden Creek Farm breed Katahdins from a closed flock that are disease-free, RR Codon 171, and of top quality pasture-only registered and commercial stock.

Both registered and commercial stock is available from spring lambings. Weaned animals may be purchase at 3 months. Rams and replacement ewes are available throughout the year. Prices are available upon request and dependent on market demand.

Please contact us at info@hiddencreekfarmllc.com or 703-828-5801 for more information on prices and availability.

Hidden Creek Farm is a member of NSIP (National Sheep Improvement Program) and KHSI (Katahdin Hair Sheep International)