Seeding Workshop

April 7, 2022By Hidden CreekAnnouncements

Choosing varieties: What types of plants you want to grow (cucumbers, tomatoes, basil) What varieties of these plants do you want to grow? Variety influences flavor, color, and size (think … Read More

Our Eggs & Pork

January 20, 2022By Hidden CreekAnnouncements

Why Aren’t Our Eggs and Pork  ‘Certified Organic’ Anymore? Short answer: Because we care passionately about our livestock and about you! Hidden Creek Farm chickens and pigs forage on our … Read More

Seasons Greetings

December 30, 2021By Hidden CreekNewsletters

Everything we do at Hidden Creek Farm is grounded in science, and focused on food and animal safety. We work with the Virginia Tech and American Farmland Trust to develop … Read More