Artisanal Products

Cheese Board
Hidden Creek Farm - CSA Farmshare Virginia
Our hand-crafted artisanal products are created to complement our produce selection.

Farmer's cheese is a delicious alternative to Feta in salads and pasta. Chutneys and pickles pair wonderfully with grilled or roasted vegetables, and our smoked salts, fresh herbs, and herb mixes lend complex subtle umami flavors to any and all dishes. All of these products are created and processed by our Team members from proprietary recipes using highest quality products both from our farm and from trusted partners.

Our selection of artisanal products are available through farm markets and our CSA Add-on selections.

Order Our Artisanal Products Online

  • Mince meat $22.66
  • Lemon Herb Butter $6.18
  • Honey – 16oz $24.72
  • Honey – 16 oz round jar $24.72
  • Granola $7.21
  • Finishing Salt $18.6
  • Cookie Mix $14.42
  • Chutney $18
  • Carrot Cake Mix $8.24
  • Bread Mix, Whole Wheat $14.42
  • We look forward to sharing our bounty with you. Please contact us via email here with your questions.
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