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Welcome to Hidden Creek Farm

Our environmentally conscious conservation farm is located in the stunning Crooked Run Historic Agricultural Valley of Fauquier County, VA, just minutes from first class vineyards, historic battlefield sites, and superb restaurants. We specialize in raising heritage livestock breeds and Green-Pastured™ crosses for both consumption and breed conservation. Hidden Creek Farm considers itself a conservation reserve and is passionate about caring for both the agriculturally-managed and natural environments.

Our Mission is to deliver Local, Wholesome, and Good experiences, and we mean it! Our farm has developed a Green-Pastured™ process of rotational grazing and whole-farm management that creates humane and healthy environments for our livestock and staff, keeps nutrients on the farm, protects our watershed, and returns carbon back into the soil, where it belongs.

Our Vision includes teaching individuals and communities to learn how to farm sustainably and intelligently using innovative methods and processes. Come join us and discover the art and opportunities of working with animals, plants, and the soil to create delicious products using environmentally respectful techniques.


Livestock and Produce

Red Poll Cattle

A dual-purpose cattle breed known for excellent, highly marbled tender meat and rich milk. Originally from England, the breed is now threatened and listed on the Livestock Conservancy.

Free Range Pigs

Hidden Creek Farm is developing the Tamalitsa™ breed of hog in a Green-Pastured™ forest and sylvopasture environment. The meat is tender, succulent, and more moist than most other pasture raised breeds.

Katahdin Sheep

An American-bred, medium sized sheep with excellent, mild meat quality, easy handling, outstanding pasture growth, and easy lambing characteristics.


Our large flock of mixed layers includes Barred Rock, Sexlinks, Auracanas, and the newly developing, predator savvy Shenandoah breed of hens and select roosters.

Heritage Turkeys

We raise heritage birds in two ways. The broad breasted types are pasture raised with protective fencing and are moved into new pastures every week. The leaner, more 'wild' heritage birds roam the property as they choose.

Silver Fox and Polyface Rabbits

Hidden Creek Farm raises pastured pure bred Silver Fox rabbits and a specialty breed of large brown rabbit started at Polyface Farm. Rabbits are sold as pets, for meat, and as breeding stock.


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