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Welcome to Hidden Creek Farm

Hidden Creek Farm, located in Delaplane, VA, is a Humane Certified and Organic Certified working conservation farm using regenerative and sustainable grass-and-forest pastured practices for livestock management and organic seed-to-harvest practices for our produce and herbs. Hidden Creek Farm also offers a selection of delicious Value-Add products and fun/educational workshops and visits for individuals and groups. Hidden Creek Farm is located less than one hour from Washington, D.C. in the stunning Crooked Run Historic Agricultural Valley of Fauquier County, VA, just minutes from first class vineyards, historic battlefield sites, and superb restaurants.

HCF Mission:

Deliver Local~Wholesome~Good products to end-consumers and breeders.

HCF Vision

Provide exceptional and meaningful Quality-of-Life experiences for our livestock, customers, Team, visitors, and family.

HCF Strategy

Use innovative and smart processes to create humane, healthy, and productive practices.

HCF Philosophy

Stewardship of these lands, and improving them for the next generation, is a responsibility we cherish and take pride in. We believe that we are in service to these lands and our broader community rather than the other way around.

HCF Practices

Nurture a regenerative and healthy environment that keeps nutrients on the farm, protects watersheds and natural spaces, creates wildlife and pollinator corridors in harmony with domesticated livestock and produce, and returns carbon back into the soil where it belongs.

HCF Passions

Build a great Team, offer high-quality products, connect people to their food and seed-stock, conservation of land and breeds, support community and farmers, share our knowledge, learn and innovate, pay-it-forward, treasure life and our fellow travelers.



What we Raise ~ What we Grow ~ What we Make

Red Poll Cattle

Heritage Red Poll cattle breed that thrive on pasture and are prized for their flavorful, lean meat and rich milk high in nutrients and trace elements. Our cattle feed wholly on organic grass or hay at all times.

Tamalitsa™ Pigs

Hidden Creek Farm's proprietary Tamalitsa™ pig has been bred to live year round on sylvopasture. Tamalitsa™ meat, only available through Hidden Creek Farm, is tender, lean, succulent, and flavorful.

Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are an American-bred 'hair sheep' of medium size with excellent, flavorful meat quality. Our Katahdins live on pasture year round, often in 'flerds' with our Red Poll cattle, who keep them safe from predators.


Our heritage breed layers roam the pastures year round in search of tasty morsels. Their multicolored eggs have deep yellow/orange yolks, are low in cholesterol, and high in nutrients and trace elements.

Heritage & Traditional Turkeys

Hidden Creek Farm turkeys are raised in two different ways. Broad-breasted traditional birds are protected by net fencing and are moved into new pastures every week. The leaner, more 'wild' heritage birds roam the property as they choose.


Find Out What We Have Available

All availability is seasonal so contact us to see what is farm fresh and ready for you to enjoy!