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Hidden Creek Farm is a regenerative, Organic and Humane Certified, breeding and production farm located in Delaplane, VA, just 50 minutes outside of Washington, D.C..
Regenerating the soil is key to our method of farming.

We believe first and foremost in mindful stewardship of our land and in the concept that good food and a clean environment will keep people and animals healthy, resilient, and energized, and lower reliance on chemical interventions.

Our mission is to provide our customers with local, wholesome, and healthy product and breeding stock of the highest possible quality, and to create exceptional farm experiences tailored to visitors’ specific interests and needs.

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Hidden Creek Farm - Certified

What We Raise ~ What We Grow ~ What We Make

Red Poll Cattle

Red Poll cattle are a heritage breed that thrive on forage. They are prized for their flavorful, nutrient-dense meat and rich milk. Our cattle feed wholly on Organic Certified pastures or hay at all times.

Tamalitsa™ Pigs

Our proprietary Tamalitsa™ pigs have been bred to live and thrive year round on silvopasture. Tamalitsa™ pigs are easy keepers and their meat is tender, lean, succulent, and flavorful.

Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are an American-bred 'hair sheep' with exceptional meat quality. Our Katahdins live on Organic Certified pastures year round, often in 'flerds' with our Red Poll cattle.


Our heritage breed layers roam our Organic Certified pastures in search of tasty morsels. Their multicolored eggs have deep yellow yolks, are low in cholesterol, and high in nutrients.

 Vacation Cabins

Choose from our three vacation cabins and bring the family! We love sharing our farm and all that it provides for us. Be sure to ask about our produce and products while you're here.

Fresh Produce

Our Organic Certified produce is known for its exceptional quality. While seasonal varieties may change, we are able to offer our customers vegetables, herbs, and specialty greens year round.

Meat & Eggs

Hidden Creek Farm offers a wide range of Humane Certified meat & eggs. We have many cuts available as well half and whole options to keep your freezer full year round.

Artisanal Products

Our hand-crafted, artisanal products include organic cheeses and herb butters, pickled delicacies, bread and cake mixes, jams, smoked salts, chutneys, herb mixes, spice rubs, and honey.