Hidden Creek Farm is delighted to offer our Humane-and-Organic Certified heritage Red Poll Beef for your health and enjoyment.

Hidden Creek Farm heritage Red Poll beef is tender, succulent, and flavorful, which is quite a feat for 100% grass-foraged beef!  You may THINK that 'grass-fed' means 100% on pasture, but it does not! Post-2016, that label is no longer credible since USDA standards have been relaxed to allow graining of animals, either daily or to 'fatten' in the last few months prior to harvest


And grain translates into increased Omega 6 loads in your body. You need some Omega 6 (a 'not-so-great' fatty acid) but you always want the Omega 6 to Omega 3 (great fatty acid) to be around 1 x 1.


100% grass-foraged beef's Omega 6 x Omega 3 ratio is around 2 x 1. Salmon is around 1.5 x 1. So, it is not that red meat is bad for you, rather that red meat fed grain is not great for you or your health!

We never grain the animals that we harvest, although customers purchasing half or whole beef may elect to have us finish their animals on either Organic Certified or Non-GMO grain for an additional fee if they really wish to include the additional fat content.

Our favorite tips for Cooking Grass Fed Beef can be found HERE 


TESTIMONIAL "We picked up the beef last week. Every year when we get our new beef in, we save a few steaks from last years to do a taste test. Every year so far, the opinions have been split in the family ... but this year its unanimous; Your beef tasted way way better :-)" - Nevil S.


We sell whole and half animals and individually packaged cuts.

You may purchase our beef products several ways:

  • Retail stores like EverGRO Upperville, VA (9183 John S Mosby Highway, Upperville, VA 20184)
  • At local Farmers' Markets: Warrenton Farmer's Market and Middleburg Farmer's Market
  • On-Farm at Hidden Creek Farm - contact Andrea at 703-828-5801 or
  • Whole and Half animals (limited availability). Please link to our description and price list for whole and half animals HERE: