Produce & Products

Hidden Creek Farm grows Organic Certified, highest quality produce year round in our High Tunnels and Greenhouse. While seasonal varieties vary, our expert Dominic Ruibal, is committed to growing exceptional vegetables, herbs, and micro greens for our customers even during the coldest of winter months. Hidden Creek Farm enjoys experimenting with growing specialty, non-traditional produce, party because we love them, and partly because we want to understand the impact of climate change and pest on these varietals in our farming environment.

Our hand-crafted artisanal products are created to complement our produce selection. Farmer's cheese is a delicious alternative to Feta in salads and pasta, chutney and pickles pair wonderfully with grilled or roasted vegetables, and our smoked salts, fresh herbs, and herb mixes lend complex subtle umami flavors to any and all dishes.

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How To Purchase

We offer our customers a variety of ways to purchase. We invite you to:

  • Farm-Direct

  • Middleburg Farmer’s Market

  • CSA & FarmShare

    • CSA & FarmShare 

      • Hidden Creek Farm is currently developing a range of non-perishable products, including bread mixes, cookie mixes, cake mixes, herb mixes, and smoked finishing salts. These items can be purchased at the Farm by appointment or at the above listed Farmer's Markets.

        Hidden Creek Farm is excited and honored to offer our products through our awesome Partners who share our philosophy of providing extraordinary quality to the consumer.


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