Produce & Products

Our Team at Hidden Creek Farm prides itself in growing and raising the highest possible quality Organic and Humane Certified vegetables and meats.


On the produce side, we provide out customers with top quality selections which are cultivated in  our High Tunnels, Open Air Gardens, and Greenhouse year round. While seasonal varieties vary, our expert produce guru, Dominic Ruibal, is committed to growing exceptional vegetables, herbs, and micro greens, even during the coldest of winter months. Hidden Creek Farm enjoys experimenting with growing specialty, non-traditional produce for our CSA, Farmers Markets, and our wholesale partners, such as restaurants and specialty stores. Our Soil and Nutrient Specialist, Paige Baisley, designs and manages our Test Garden (among other projects), where various amendments and processes, such as worm casting tea and bed management, are rigorously implemented and monitored in order to ensure that our produce reaches peak flavor and freshness potential just before it comes to you.


Our livestock is raised year round on Organic Certified pastures. We work hard to balance the forage our animals eat in order to create nutrient-dense and healthful proteins. Hidden Creek Farm Red Poll beef is tender, succulent, and flavorful, which is quite a feat for 100% forage-only beef. We never grain the animals that we harvest, although customers purchasing half or whole beef may elect to have us finish their animals on either Organic Certified or Non-GMO grain for an additional fee. In addition, our cattle are carefully selected for heritable traits that give them natural resistance to Salmonella and E.Coli. (Please visit to learn more about these traits.) Our Katahdin lamb is tender, beautifully complex, and flavorful. We breed for parasite resistance in our sheep in order to keep from administering antibiotics or medications. Our Tamalitsa™ pork is especially bred to thrive on these Piedmont hills. The meat is succulent, delicate, and exceptionally clean tasting.


And our eggs....people come from miles around to purchase our heritage eggs with their deep orange yolks, incredible flavor, and amazing variety of colors. Mother Earth News in 2007 conducted a study on pasture-raised vs conventional eggs. Pasture raised eggs had almost 4 times more Vitamin E, more than 1.5 times more Vitamin A, nearly 8 times more Beta Carotene, 3 times more Omega 3, 53% times less cholesterol, and 29% less saturated fat than conventional eggs. In addition, the April 2014 edition of Nutrition found that chickens that free roam in sunny pastures have 3 to 4 times the amount of Vitamin D then eggs from hens raised indoors, whether caged or cage-free. These data mean a lot to our Team as health conscious product is front and center to our production philosophy.


Our hand-crafted artisanal products are created to complement our produce selection. Farmer's cheese is a delicious alternative to Feta in salads and pasta, chutney and pickles pair wonderfully with grilled or roasted vegetables, and our smoked salts, fresh herbs, and herb mixes lend complex subtle umami flavors to any and all dishes. All of these products are processed by Hidden Creek Farm Team members from proprietary recipes using highest quality products both from our fam and from trusted partners.


We look forward to sharing our bounty with you. Please contact with your questions. Or visit our CSA drop down menu to sign up for your FarmShare now.


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