Silver Fox Rabbits

Threatened Breed

Rabbit meat, although not traditionally eaten in the US, has long been prized for its health benefits in Europe. Rabbit meat is an all white meat with an extremely high protein content. The caloric, fat, and cholesterol content, however, are lower even than chicken! In addition, rabbit is lower in salt content than chicken and high in B12 and other vitamins, minerals and amino acids. (Click here for more details.) Rabbit meat is considered highly suitable for all diets that include meat but with to increase health benefits.

Hidden Creek Farm raises Silver Fox Rabbits, a threatened heritage breed. Silver Fox was the third rabbit breed developed in the United States and was recognized as a full breed in 1925. Silver Fox is a calm, stable, multi-purpose breed with excellent maternal and social instincts. Rabbits are available for Harvest, Breeding, and Pets.

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