Red Poll Cattle

Threatened status on the list

Red Poll Cattle are a dual-purpose cattle breed known for excellent, highly marbled, tender meat and rich milk. ( Originally from England, where they arose out of a Norfolk and Suffolk cross, Red Poll were introduced to American in the 1880s. Red Poll are moderate size, a deep auburn red, quiet, curious, easy to manage, and highly productive on grass. Calves are born small, making for easy birthing, and grow quickly on the rich milk of their mothers.

Red Polls are excellent 4-H animals due to their gentle nature and ease of care. Hidden Creek Farm Green-Pasturedâ„¢ Red Polls are of top quality registered breeding and harvest stock. Hidden Creek Farm will take advanced orders for both breeding stock and harvest stock.

As demand for Breeding stock is high, we encourage interested buyers to place orders for next year spring-weaned calves by October 1 of each current year and for fall-weaned calves by April 1 of each current year. Orders are on a first come, first served basis to responsible homes only. Deposits are refundable only if no calf in the specific category is available at weaning. Prices for market steers (full, half and quarter carcass), and hides are dependent on market supply and demand at the time of order. Please contact us at for either Breeding or Harvest information.