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Buckeye, Jersey Giants, Auracanas, Shenandoahs

Hidden Creek layers are our ‘clean up crew’. They keep our fields clear of flies, pests, and weeds and return vital nutrients to our pastures. In return, they reward us with delicious, golden-yolked free range eggs. We run several flocks of chickens housed in chicken tractors roaming our pastures. Our flock consists of laying hens of various heritage breeds, including Shenandoahs, a new breed developed in Virginia by Jason and Janelle Myers-Benner ( These chickens are large bodied and long legged, and specifically adapted to better forage and better avoid predation in our Virginia countryside. Hidden Creek Farm is excited to be part of supporting a new and innovative approach to breeding pastured free-range chickens in Virginia and is grateful to Jason and Janelle for including us in the process.