Forest Raised Pigs

Hidden Creek Farm has traditionally run a cross of Berkshire, Hampshire, Duroc and Tamworth hogs in a Green-Pastured™ forest and silvopasture environment. Breeding boars and sows are assessed for their ability to forage, as well as ease of birth, maternal instincts (sows), and size of litter.

Hidden Creek is excited to introduce to market the Tamalitsa™, a cross of Hungarian Mangalitsa and American Tamworth. We anticipate our first Harvest to be available for public purchase in late summer of 2018. Tamalitsa™ meat is deep red, beautifully marbled, and exquisitely flavored. As with all of our livestock, Tamalitsas™ are raised in Green-Pastured™ environments without hormones, antibiotics, or other additives.

All Breeding and Harvest hogs are available from spring to early winter. Harvest orders are by full, half, or quarter. Individual cuts can be purchased but require a pre-order and are dependent upon availability. Live, forest-raised, weaned piglets are also available. Live piglet and Harvest orders should be placed as early as possible since supply goes quickly each year. All prices are dependent on market demand at time of sale.