Meet Your Farmers

Hidden Creek Farm employs two full-time farmers, Dan Bledsoe, and Matt Buonforte, who work with their four-legged assistants, Lucy, Mosby, and Ranger.


Dan Bledsoe

Dan Bledsoe, Livestock Manager, and animal whisperer extraordinaire, is in charge of our heritage Red Poll herd, our Tamalitsa™ and Forest Hog operation, our Katahdin sheep enterprise, and our seasonal Thanksgiving heritage turkey flock. Dan oversees the rotational grazing, breeding, and pasture management schedules at Hidden Creek Farm. In his spare time, Dan and his faithful companion, Lucy, take awesome pictures of the farm, including the sunset photo on our home page.

Matt Buonforte

Matt Buonforte, our awesome Production and Systems Specialist, is in charge of helping to develop the processes and Standards of Practice on the farm using Lean Farm concepts (Ben Hartman). Matt works with Dan, and owners Dendy Young and Andrea Young, to refine our Green-Pastured™ models, marketing strategies, and internship/apprenticeship programs. Matt is also in charge of our heritage rabbit and layer hen operations. In his spare time, Matt relocates rat snakes from one strategic area of the farm to another in order to keep the farm clear of rodents.


Mosby and Ranger

Mosby and Ranger are still growing into their 150 pound puppy bodies, but will soon be working as full-fledged Livestock Guardian Dogs with our sheep and poultry.