It’s Time!! 

Our amazing Hidden Creek Farm all green-pastured™ Katahdin lamb and mutton is available for pre-order. 


  • Lamb, which comes from an animal less than 9 months old, or around 90 lbs, will be ready between late October 2019 and early December 2019. Lamb tasted mild and clean, and is often preferred by American consumers.
  • Hogget (between 9 months and around year old) is available now through Easter and Eid al-Fitr. Hogget weighs in around 100 to 120 lbs, and is coveted by chefs and consumers who like a deeper, gamier taste than available in young lamb. Hogget is more difficult to find than lamb, but can still sometimes be ordered through a local boutique butcher. Purchasing directly from a farm is a more reliable way to guarantee the age and weight of the animal.
  • Yearling Mutton, between a year and 2 years old, is available year-round, but requires a 2-1/2 month pre-order. Yearling Mutton, weighing in at around 120 lbs and with stronger, deeper, and more complex flavors, is favored by many ethnic chefs and cosmopolitan consumers who enjoy cooking with bold spices and flavors. Yearling mutton can sometimes be found in butcher shops, but is most often available through farm orders.
  • Mutton traditionally comes from either a ewe (female) or a wether (a castrated male) between 2 and 5 years old. Rich, deep, bold, gamey, and complex, mutton must be aged and prepared well in order to do it justice. But then, ah, it is superb. Mutton is rarely available in the US, and, when it is, often poorly prepared. But, if you have the time to marinate mutton in apple juice for three days and then slow spit-roast it over an open pit, well…impossible to describe the amazing satisfaction. Mutton is available year-round with a 2-1/2 month pre-order.


  • A 90 lb to 100 lb (8 - 9 months old) Lamb yields about 34 lbs meat. Total. 
  • A 120 lb to 130 lb Hogget, Yearling, Mutton yields between 40 lbs and 43 lbs meat. Total.  
  • Grass pastured animals are smaller and leaner than that you would get in the store. 
  • 50 lbs of meat will normally fit into a 2.25 cubic foot freezer. 
  • How one trims the Fell from the cuts greatly influences the intensity of flavor. 
  • Katahdin sheep are a breed of hair sheep developed in Maine in the 1950s and are uniquely American.
  • Never grained, Humane and Organic Certification, No Hormones, Anti-biotics, Non-GMO. We do sometimes need to treat our livestock with medications. These animals are not offered for sale as meat animals.


  • Whole Box (@36 lbs for lamb, 40 lbs for Hogget, Yearling, Mutton)
    1 bone-in Shoulder Roast
    16 Loin Chops (in packets with 4 chops per packet)

2 Frenched Racks of Lamb

2 Bone-in Leg Roasts
2   Foreshanks
2   Hindshanks
@4 lbs Ground Lamb (1 lb packets)

@2 lbs Stew/Kabob meat (1 lb packets)

Recipes & Prep Tips

  • Half Box (@18 lbs for lamb, 20 lbs for Hogget, Yearling, Mutton)

1 Bone-In Shoulder Roast

8 Loin Chops (in packets with 4 chops per packet)

1 Frenched Rack of Lamb

1 Bone-In Leg Roast

2 lbs ground lamb (1 lb packets)

1 lb Stew/Kabob meat (1 lb packet)

Recipes & Prep Tips


Fill out the Order Form and either:


  • Call Andrea Young at 301-580-9119. 
  • We can take Credit Cards but will have to charge a 2.5% card fee.


  • Send a non-refundable deposit check with your Order Form to:

Hidden Creek Farm LLC

2591 Triplett Turn

Delaplane, VA 20144


Lamb, Hogget, Yearling, and Mutton are all ready for pre-order at this time for pick-up or delivery in 2019 and 2020.

  • Lamb will be available for farm pickup or delivery between late October 2019 through Easter and Eid al-Fitr 2020.
  • Hogget, Yearling Mutton, and Mutton is available at any time with a 2-1/2 month pre-order. 
  • Please note that we are usually sold out of all animals well before Eid al-Fitr.
  • We will need about 2-1/2 to 3 months notice to get a slot at the processing facility. All of our animals are harvested humanely. We only trust a few processing facilities with our animals, and scheduling time slots can be difficult, especially around Holidays. Pre-orders allow us to manage the process and ensure that we have product for our customers.


Your selections will be flash frozen at a USDA approved processing facility and packaged in boxes, awaiting on-farm pickup or delivery.

  • Whole lamb box is $380.00 for pick up at farm. 
  • Half box is $200.00 processed for pick up at farm.
  • On Farm pickup is free Monday to Friday, except Holidays, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., BUT a heads-up call-ahead is required so we can be ready for you.
  • On Farm pickup outside of normal pickup hours is by appointment only and costs $25.00
  • We encourage you to pick up your product at the farm, but if you require delivery we can arrange it for $100.00 up to a 60 mile radius.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders. Refunds are only issued in the case pre-ordered product cannot be made available. 
  • VA Tax is required, and is 2.5% per dollar. 
  • We can take a credit card, but will have to charge an additional 2.5% fee on the total in order to pay card processing fees.