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Hidden Creek Farm is a 250-acre conservation reserve nestled in the vineyard-dotted, Historic Crooked Run Agricultural Valley in Fauquier County, VA. The farm was originally settled in the mid 18th century and is steeped in history, including active Civil War skirmishes, and, more recently, Civil War reenactments. Many renowned Americans frequented or owned the farm at one point, including John Adams, Mosby and his Rangers, and Thadeus Herndon and his family. The small graveyard is also steeped in history and is open to registered farm visitors.

Current owners, Dendy and Andrea Young, are focused on building a sustainable, conservation-based, environmentally sound, working farm using innovative “Lean Farming” processes (Ben Hartman) and Hidden Creek’s Green-Pastured,™ grass-intensive, rotational grazing techniques. Hidden Creek farm is dedicated to breeding and preserving Heritage stock and to developing ‘new’ breeds, including Red Poll cattle, Katahdin Sheep, Blue Slate and Narragansatt Turkeys, Silver Fox rabbits, Shenandoah chickens, and Tamalitsa™ hogs. Hidden Creek Farm is also dedicated to supporting educational and Agri-Tourism opportunities for the public, farmers, and the community at large.

Starting in October 2017, Hidden Creek Farm will offer a variety of Agri-tourism and educational opportunities.  All Tours must be pre-arranged with our associated expert Tour Guides. Drop-ins unfortunately cannot be accommodated. Please contact us at or  (703) 828-5801 to discuss your Farm Visit. 

Children are welcome for age-appropriate activities and visits. Pets are allowed on a case-by-case basis. Overnight equine stall rental or livestock stall rental available on a limited basis for healthy, vet-certified animals.

All Visitors MUST sign a Liability Release & Waiver form prior to arriving at Hidden Creek Farm. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made.


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